Name Degree Year Title of Thesis Current Employment
노흥렬 Ph.D 1997 Magneto-optical trapping of rubidium atoms: isotope separation and cold collisions 전남대학교 물리학과
김재옥 M.S. 1995 A study about isotope separation of Rb atoms in a magneto-optical trap
남동석 M.S. 1996 A study about the high resolution spectroscopy and two-step excited state cold collision using trapped Rb-85 atoms
윤영환 M.S. 1996 반도체 레이저를 이용한 산소와 아르곤의 분광학 연구 하이닉스반도체
장기호 M.S. 1996 Study of near field optics: principle & application 벤쳐
변중섭 M.S. 1996 A study about the ultracold collision of Rb isotopes
권기섭 M.S. 1997 Construction of the Near field Scanning Optical Microscope with high resolution by using Shear Force 삼성전자 SYS LSI
최필모 M.S. 1997 Polarization gradient cooling and temperature measurements
유승협 M.S. 1998 Spectroscopic velocimetry for cold 85Rb atoms using stimulated optical compton scattering KAIST 전기 및 전자공학과
배준호 M.S. 1998 Two dimensional cooling of Rb atoms : trapping and numerical analysis Georgia Institute of Technology
박사후 연구원
이승현 M.S. 1999 Cold rubidium atoms in a narrow planar waveguide 공군사관학교 기초과학과
원창연 M.S. 1999 Diffraction by a hollow optical fiber and its application to atom optics 경희대학교 물리학과
박준형 M.S. 1999 High density optical data storage : feasibility test of media and making aperture array Ohio State Univ.
이관일 Ph.D 1999 Atom optics in hollow optical systems 한국과학기술연구원 나노포토닉스연구센터 책임연구원
이창우 M.S. 2000 Quantum theory of amplified total internal reflection due to evanescent-mode photon Texas A&M University at Qatar
박사후 연구원
최윤진 M.S. 2000 Near-field optical study of 3rd order nonlinear properties of amorphous silicon 삼성SDI
성일호 M.S. 2000 두 단계 들뜸에 의한 루비듐-85 초미세 구조의 포화분광 연구
차정수 M.S. 2000 Enhanced density of optical data storage using near-field concept : fabrication and test of nanometric aperture array
심언엽 Ph.D
문진배 M.S. 2001 Manipulation of NSOM and improvement of scanning speed 삼성SDI
문세정 M.S. 2001 Guiding of light with metallic nanotubes University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
김창훈 M.S. 2001 Scanning shear force microscope using frequency modulation detection
신용일 B.S. 서울대학교 물리천문학부
김기현 Ph.D
이상기 Ph.D 2001 Space and time-resolved spectroscopy of single InAs/GaAs quantum dots Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
나현철 Ph.D 2002 Nonclassical effects enhanced by damping in a driven cavity QED systems 고등과학원 계산과학부
연영희 M.S. 2002 Study of nonlinear dynamics with cold atoms
김재완 Ph.D 2003 A study of non-dissipative traps towards Bose-Einstein condensation Professor of Myungji University
장기엽 M.S. 2003 Generation of hollow laser beam and it’s applications
김종안 Ph.D 2004 Cold atoms in hollow mirror traps and atom funneling 삼성전자
김기환 Ph.D 2004 Atom optics and nonlinear dynamics of the magneto-optical trap Professor of Tsinghua University
최환성 M.S. 2004 Atomic Resolution noncontact atomic force microscopy in air Harvard University
하현지 M.S. 2004 Noise-induced transitions between attractors in the parametrically-driven magneto-optical trap 삼성전자
김경호 M.S. 2004 Shear-mode Magnetic Force Microscopy using a quartz tuning fork
조규붕 B.S. Professor of HKUST
심우식 Ph.D 2004 Magnetic trapping of rubidium atoms for Bose-Einstein condensation University of Chicago
Law School
홍문헌 Ph.D 2004 Scanning nanopipette lithography: application to nanopatterning LG전자 우면동 R&D 캠퍼스
조호진 Ph.D 2005 Fano-type transmission with resonant and continuum interaction in Carbon Nanotube array 조선일보
유창일 M.S. 2006 Critical exponents and critical slowing down in cold atomic system LG디스플레이
유영준 Ph.D 2006 Near-field spectroscopy and microscopy of InAs single quantum dots ETRI
신소영 M.S. 2006 Adjustable multiple sub-doppler traps in an asymmetric magneto-optical trap
안준모 Ph.D 2007 Artifacts and near-field enhancement in apertureless near-field optical microscopy KIST
허명선 Ph.D 2007 Studies on Adjustable Multiple Sub-Doppler Trap and Stochastic and Cooperative Phenomena in Parametrically Driven Magneto-optical Trap 한국표준과학연구원
장정훈 M.S. 2007 Dynamic force spectroscopy with a quartz tuning-fork University of California, Irvine
장성진 Ph.D 2008 Dynamic force microscopy and spectroscopy using electrically driven quartz tuning forks with a cantilever symmetry 한국기초과학지원연구원
이만희 Ph.D 2008 Dynamic force spectroscopy with a quartz tuning-fork based atomic force microscope 삼성전자
장현준 Ph.D 2008 Shear-mode near-field scanning optical microscopy of the multi-wall carbon nanotube honeycomb array structure 삼성전기 생산기술연구소
노한얼 Ph.D 2009 Spectral random fluctuations on excitonic transitions of InGaAs single quantum dots and related carrier dynamics 파크시스템즈
천우영 M.S. 2009 Incident angle dependence of artifacts in apertureless near-field optical microscopy 삼성전자 LCD
정세웅 M.S. 2009 Measurement of the Trap Properties of a Magneto-Optical Trap by a Forced Damped Oscillation 제니컴
김용희 Ph.D 2011 Studies of dynamic and nonequilibrium phenomena in a parametrically modulated cold atomic system 한국원자력연구소
염다현 Ph.D 2012 Rf-induced evaporative cooling of 87Rb atoms in magnetic traps toward Bose-Einstein condensation 칭화대학교
박사후 연구원
성백만 Ph.D 2013 Study of the formation of nanoscale water bridges by atomic force microscopy 삼성전자
안상민 Ph.D 2013 Nanoliquid delivery and 3D patterning using QTF-based AFM with nanopipette NIST(USA)
문걸 Ph.D 2013 Studies of critical phenomena and nonlinear dynamics in a modulated cold atomic system far from equilibrium
김종우 Ph.D 2014 Dynamic force spectroscopy for studies of the nanometric water column 생물연구원
박사후 연구원
이건영 Ph.D 2014 Photo-induced water adsorption on TiO2 by delocalized surface electrons for highly hydrophilic conversion 하이닉스 반도체
김봉수 Ph.D 2014 Fluid dynamic properties of nanoconfined water
박완 Ph.D 2015 Study of the rupture process of nanometer water bridge by using time-resolved noncontact AFM 삼성전자
권소영 Ph.D 2015 Investigation on surface tension of nanoscale water KISTEP
박쥴리 Ms. 2015 Analysis of localized modes in photonic crystal by the curie symmetry principle MIT Doctoral Degree Candidate