Research Topics

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(1) Nanoscale water nanodroplet on hydrophilic surface via capillary condensation.

(2) Liquid nanodroplet by transporting liquid nano-ink onto the surface.

(3) Control the functional properties of 0D, 1D, 2D solid devices using nanodroplet technology.





(1) Gas nanobubble on hydrophobic surface via capillary condensation.

(2) Gas nanobubble by transporting gas nano-ink onto the surface.

(3) Interaction of bubble with lipid membrane and membrane protein residues using nanobubble technology.



(1) Nanoscale liquid delivery with volume from zeptoliter (10-21L) to yoctoliter (10-24L) using electrophoresis.

(2) Transport solid-liquid mixture system.

(3) Study of molecular transportation (nanoparticles, DNAs, protein) at single molecular scale.